Menu 1




Bruschetta Focaccia  La Voglia

(Home Baked Focaccia bred with rosemary & sea salt

 Topped with Mediterranean Vegetables and Italian dressing)



(Cream of Broccoli and Blu cheese soup

Served with croutons)


Prosciutti Misti

(Fine selection of Smoked and Cured Ham Platter)





Maiale al Vino Rosso

(Medallions of Pork Loin served in a bed of Mash,

Red wine and red onion gravy)


Ravioli Nostrani

(Vegetarian Ravioli with wilted Spinach, fresh Tomatoes an d Basil Concasse)


Salmone ai Porri e Gamberetti

(Fillet of Salmon on a Light Creamy Leeks & Prawns Sauce)




Pera alla Cannella

(Baked Pear with a Cinnamon and Orange Italian custard)

Involtino al Limone

(Lemon Roulade served with a light coffee sauce)


3 Courses Meal ₤ 13.50 + vat





Menu 2


Crostini Bread with 3 different toppings

(For everyone on arrival)




Involtini di Salmone e Gamberetti

(Smoked Salmon rolled with prawns and a light chives mayonnaise)


Zuppa di Asparagi

(Cream of Asparagus soup)


Vitello Tonnato

(Carpaccio of roast veal with a delicious tuna tapenade sauce)


Between the courses you will all receive a portion of


Ravioli pasta filled with ricotta cheese

Served with a Maria Rosa sauce.


Main Courses


Agnello alla Sergio

(Rump of Lamb with Oregano ratatouille roast garlic on gravy)


Branzino alla Griglia

(Flaming Grilled Sea bass with a lemon and basil dressing)


Risotto dell’Ortolano

(Savory Profiteroles filled with Mediterranean Vegetable Risotto

And a green pepper sauce)




Home Made Tiramisu’

Selezione di Formaggi

(Selections of Italian cheese)


4 Courses Meal ₤ 22.75 + vat


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